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The Way Of Malaviya

Have faith in the Supreme being be kind to all animals. Have pity on the poor and the weak. Always respect women. Sympathize with people who are in distress and give them all the help you can. Do not be cruel to anybody.

Lead a pure life. Protect the sacred cow. Do not desire another's money. Good deeds beget good results and evil deeds bad results.

Always have self -confidence. Do not speak ill of others. When there is difference of opinion respect the other man's opinion.

Do not be afraid of anybody; do not make anybody afraid of you.

India is our motherland. This country is a blessed land, and a Holy Land. Act according to morality and justice.

Bharat, that is India, is also known as Hindusthan. Blessed are the people born in this country.

Hindu Dharma, the Hindu Religion, is a great religion. According to the Hindu philosophy, God laid down that man should aim at righteous conduct, riches, pleasure and salvation. For man to attain these goals god laid down four phases of life; bachelorhood, family life, life the forest and 'sannyasa' (or detachment from worldly affairs). By observing these, let all people be benefited and thereby protect and preserve moral values forever.

If a man lives for his own pleasures he is no better than animals. He must live for his country, live for his religion and live for others. Vedas are the oldest moral treatises in the whole world. Even western scholars accept this view. The Vedas say: before God created this world there was ignorance, utter ignorance. Then God appeared with his divine radiance. God loves light. Man must seek light and more light in his mind and in his life.

This is the great Madana Mohan Malaviya's deathless message.

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Madana Mohana Malaviya - The Founder Of Benares Hindu University
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