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The Little Scholar

The little scholar Madana Mohana used to perform the religious rites in the morning and in the evening. Looking at the boy in that role his mother used to wonder whether he would become a sannyasi (a religious ascetic). She feared that her own eye might harm him by her constant andfond admiration, and observed religious rites to prevent it.

As a boy Madana Mohana was mischievous. Games were the very breath of his life. While playing with sticks or with marbles he even forgot food and sleep. And he was regular in physical exercises.

Work began at Dharmagnanopadesha Pathashala, Madana Mohana's school, at 6 in the morning. The school-bell would sound at 9-30 a.m. When he students gathered, a student of a higher claw would be asked by the teacher to read aloud a sacred verse. The other students repeated it. This was how all the students were taught the Manusmruti, the Bhagavadgita and other works. As the students sang these again and again together, they learnt the poems by heart.

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Madana Mohana Malaviya - The Founder Of Benares Hindu University
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