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Early Education

By the time he was five, his education began.

There was no school at that time in Ahiyapura. A scholar, Pandit Haradeva, was running a school by name 'Dharmagnanopadesha Pathashala'. One-day Madana Mohan's father took the boy to Pandit Haradeva for admission to the educational institution. Pandit Haradeva looked at the boy and said: "Very well. Does the boy know any shloka (sacred verse)?" 

The boy went up to the teacher and touched his feet. He then bowed to his father; he stood with folded hands and boldly recited a fine verse, which his father had taught him every day. The teacher was pleased and asked the boy to sing the verse. The boy sang the verse in a sweet voice.

The teacher was pleased very much. He laid his hand on the boy's head and exclaimed: "You are indeed lucky! You will bring asting fame to your family; your family will become great because of you."

Madana Mohana's education under Pandit Haradeva began. He was taught a work called 'Laghu Kaumudi' in Sanskrit. He got by heart several moral verses from the Bhagavadgita, the Manusmruti and many other works.

When he was eight - Madana Mohana was invested with the sacred thread. His respected father Vrajanath himself taught the sacred Gayathri verse to the son. (Investing a boy with the sacred thread marks the beginning of his serious studies and disciplined life. The Gayathri is a verse taught to the boy at this time.)

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