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"Your God is My God"

The king, standing on the balcony of his palace, saw their arrival. He was surprised that a Hindu monk could reach his capital warding off his soldiers’ guard.

He addressed the monk:

"My soldiers are standing guard to prevent the entry of spies of the neighboring country. None has so far eluded them. How is it that you, a monk, walked through them? How were you able to cross the river without boats? What is your objective in coming here?" 

The monk laughed, raised his fingers, towards the Sun and spoke in Persian the language of the king: "The supreme God, - who protects you, me and others in fact, the whole world - is there. For you, He is Allah; for me, He is Narayana, Address him by any name you choose the only one will answer your prayers. We are all citizens of His kingdom. it is only with His blessings that we were able to cross the river without boats. We pacified your soldiers who came to attack us; it is all His blessing. We are on our way to the North through your state."

The Muslim king was deeply impressed by the monk’s boldness and self-conviction and his impressive personality. He climbed down from his seat and invited him to the Rajasabha (royal court) and lavishly entertained him. He offered him a large estate and requested him to build his hermitage there.

But the monk politely declined the king’s offer and the party continued their journey northward.

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