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Country-wide Tour for Dharmic Renaissance

Acharya Madhwa toured the whole country to propagate his version of philosophical interpretation called ‘Tattwavada’. He shared it gladly with anybody who came to him. He taught and trained many devotees. He wrote as many as forty books: these have been a spiritual treasure for subsequent generations. Seemingly, they are simple in narration which even children could understand. Actually, they are classic works which even mature scholars have to study deeply to understand the Vedic philosophy.

Soon after becoming a ‘sannyasin’, Acharya Madhwa visited famous religious shrines in the South includingKanyakumari, Rameshwaram, Srirangam, and Anantashayanam. Thrice he travelled up to Badarinath shrine in the snowy Himalayas. He dedicated his first work ‘Gita Bhashya’ to Guru Vedavyasa at Badari. He stayed there for sometime and wrote commen- taries on Brahmasutras.

Wherever he went, people were highly pleased with his wonderful discourses. It was a time when the influence of Islam was spreading; Christianity too was making headway. The country was facing a piquant situation under these alien religious influences. Besides, the Indian people themselves were helpless spectators to squabbles among their own religious sects, various castes, creeds etc. The Acharya toured the country at such a time of disturbed philosophical situation and brought reassurance to the people. They were impressed with this saint and listened to his discourses with devout attention. His following steadily grew.

Upon the return of the Acharya to Udupi, his Guru Achyutaprajna also read his disciple’s commentary on the Gita.

He discussed with the Acharya about some doubts that had arisen in his mind and, satisfied, he himself became a follower of Acharya Madhwa. Thus, this 'shishya’ who offered initiation to his own Guru earned a permanent place in the hearts of the people.

The Acharya’s prime disciple was Padmanabhacharya. There were also eight other intimate disciples: Hrishikeshatirtha, Nrisimhatirtha, Janardanatirtha, Upendratirtha, Vamanatirtha, Vishnutirtha, Ramatirtha and Adhokshajatirtha. These eight saints later became the founders of the ‘Ashta-mathas’ (eight mutts) at Udupi.

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