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The Hand Which Carries The Sacred Stick Wields an Axe

Through another incident, the Acharya taught his disciples how to face dangers in life. The party was proceeding to Badari. They were passing through mountains and thick jungles. The disciples carried the bundles containing their clothes and articles of worship on their heads. Suddenly a band of dacoits confronted them, wielding axes. The disciples became frightened. But the Acharya smiled, called one of the disciples, Upendratirtha, and said: "Why are you standing like’ this when your fellowmen are facing danger? The hand that carries the ‘danda’ should also know how to wield an axe. Go forth."

Upendratirtha was aroused by his guru’s call. He charged at the dacoits like a storm, seized an axe from one of the dacoits and began swinging it with great force. Shocked by this heroic act of a monk, the dacoits ran away.

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