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Blessed Were They Who Saw Him

This theft took place at Kasargod, the capital of Tulunadlu. Hearing about it, Jayasimha, the king, felt sad. He managed to seize the books from Padmatirtha and sent a request to the Acharya to come for a visit.

The king accorded a ceremonial reception to the Acharya on his arrival. He climbed down first from his palanquin and walked to receive the Acharya. Soldiers lined up on both sides of the road. The king bowed to the Acharya reverentially. Both then walked to the Vishnumangala temple. It was a memorable sight. Devotees and disciples walked in the front singing devotional prayers. Besides the Acharya walked to the king with folded hands.

The Acharya’s personality created an instant impression upon the people. He stood out in the assembly, looking as if carved out on the basis of ‘Lakshana- shastra’: a tall, broad shouldered person. A smile adorned his face. Those who saw him felt blessed.

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Madhwacharya- The saint who installed the idol of Sri Krishna..
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