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‘Poornaprajna’ ‘Anandatirtha’ ‘Madhwa’

The parents had to consent,and Vasudeva was initiated into ‘sannyasa’ by saint Achyutaprajna. He then came to be known as ‘Poornaprajna.’

He was then a boy of twelve. About forty days after he assumed ‘sannyasa’, Vasudeva Pandita, an eminent interpreter of philosophy, and some others came to Udupi, Achyutaprajna sent his young disciple to argue with them. The twelve- year-old boy easily overcame the arguments of these stalwarts who could not answer him satisfactorily.

Achyutaprajna was filled with joy at the astounding knowledge and scholarship of the boy. He installed Poornaprajna on the official seat of Vedanta and named him as ‘Anandatirtha’. ‘Madhwa’ was Poorna- prajna’s religious name and later he came to be renowned by the name.

From that time onwards Acharya Madhwa’s entire life was devoted to the propagation of Vedic philosophy. He was not unnecessarily provoking others to arguments. But if anybody came toengage him in philosophical debate he would successfully argue and defeat them. Hundreds of arrogant scholars who came to challenge him had to go back with their heads bowed in defect.

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