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The Earth is Blessed

Among the galaxy of Acharyas of our country, three stand out: Acharya Shankara who preached Advaita (Monism), Acharya Ramanuja who preached Vishishtadwaita (a blend of Monism and Dualism), and Acharya Madhwa who preached Dwaita (Dualism). "This world is an illusion; only God is true," said Shankara. "God is the soul of the universe; hence this body is also real," said Ramanuja. "This universe is a playful creation of God. Let us not try to diminish it by denouncing it," said Madhwa.

In old texts, Acharya Madhwa's Dwaita philosophy, is described ‘Tattwavada’. He maintained: "This world, is not an illusion. God is not a magician He signifies the duty of truth. This world should be considered as a school understand God’s greatness."

It is to the credit of Karnataka that it should have contributed such a great, philosopher as Madhwa to the world,

Acharya Madhwa was a Kannadig. He was born in the small village Pajaka near Udupi on Karnataka’s we, coast. It is a picturesque village flanked by two small hillocks. In a corner stand an ancient temple of Durga. At the foot of another hillock is a temple of Parashurama. Pajaka is a village rich in greenery. 

The earth on which the Acharya walked stands blessed. Every stone here stands witness to hundreds of stories relating to his early years.

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