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Who is He?

Who is he? He is Acharya Madhwa : a distinguished saint of Bharat who preached to the world that God will hear in whichever language or name He is addressed. He left a great message for subsequent generations:

"Do not make a fuss about how should address god. You can you address him in any language and by any name. Know that there is no word in the world without His name. Apart from the language we speak, the entire nature extols Him. The sounds of the sea, the wind that blows, the chirping of the birds, the hooting of animals - all these are nothing but homage to God. Learn to recognise His existence in all the voices and everywhere. Live with godliness."

The Acharya went a step further in his commentary on the Bhagavad-Gita: "The caste system relates more to one’s nature than to one’s body. It is not important to which caste one belongs at birth. His nature decides his caste. Basically, the caste system in only a division based on man’s nature. A ‘chandala’ (untouchable) who treads the spiritual path is a better being than a brahmin who is ignorant of that path and puts on an artificial appearance." 

In Bharat, during the thirteenth century, people were stubbornly practising the caste system. It is amazing that the Acharya propagated such progressive views at such a time.

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