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Message of Service to The World

Trivikrama Pandita was the brother of Shankara Pandita who looked after the Acharya’s library. None in the area could match his scholarship.

Trivikrama Pandita entered into a vehement debate with the Acharya and showered him with many questions. The Acharya, calm and smiling, answered every question. Their debate went on for fifteen days and Trivikrama Pandita, with his doubts cleared and queries answered, became the Acharya’s disciple. The replies the Acharya gave him came as a great revelation to the whole country:

"There is one God, the embodiment of positive Divinity. He is addressed as ‘Narayana’; he is also called Ishwara, Brahma, Vishnu and by other names. You can address Him by any name.

"This life is a reflection. The original image is God. We should understand the original through the reflection. You cannot comprehend Him without realising your soul. First, understand yourself; then you can understand Him.

"The Vedas are basic truths. One should not become a slave to argumentation to know those basic principles. There is always the possibility of a debate losing its track. We should surrender ourselves to the Vedas to realise the Truth.

"Never forget your duty and its related action. Real duty is your helping others who suffer more than you. This worldly duty is the ‘fee’ you pay God who is the Lord of the universe.

"The world is God’s wonderful creation. Try to understand His greatness. Also, know your own limitations and surrender yourself to Him. This is the only path for your salvation,"

The Acharya wrote the famous ‘Prasthanatraya’ - commentaries on the Gita, the ten Upanishads and the ‘Brahmasutras’. He wrote the well-known classic ‘Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya’, a masterly analysis of the Mahabharata and the Puranas; Wrishnamrita Mahamava’, an anthology of puranic verses. He also wrote commentaries on the Rigveda and the Bhagavata. He is the author of ‘Tantrasara Sangraha’ dealing with iconography and a unique ‘Tithi- nirnaya’. work on mathematics

He wrote many other significant works.

The Acharya was proficient in music too. He has composed many beautiful songs. ‘Dwadasha Stotra is a distinguished musical creation.

Once after touring Goa, the Acharya was camping at a place called Pashupe. People there had heard of his knowledge of music and his fine voice. They requested him to sing and he agreed. That music was enchanting. Listeners could not believe that a male singer had such a lilting voice.

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