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Narada's True Intention

The word 'Nara' means knowledge useful to mankind and 'Da' means 'a giver'. So 'Narada' means the one who gives useful knowledge to mankind and guides it in the right path.

Narada was a first-order musician. He always loved to sing songs praising the glory of the Almighty. It is said of Narada that he was the inventor of the musical instrument Veena. He played on his Veena, which was named "Mahati." Among the 'Devarshis', Narada is one of the holiest.

He commanded the respect of all. It was his habit to travel and to go round preaching to people, uttering his words of wisdom and telling people stories carrying an ethical message. He was loved by all - be it Gods, Demons and human beings.

He had one weakness - that of disclosing to both gods and demons, the secrets about each other. Gods and demons, naturally, hated each other. Narada's deeds often created trouble and friction among gods, demons and men, and such friction often led to a war in the end! Hence Narada acquired the name, 'Kalahapriya' or the lover of quarrels.

How can we call such a person a saint? Was it right that he set people against one another by spreading gossip? But we must remember that Narada's intention was to espouse a good cause. It was his constant desire that bad people should bepunished for their deeds, that the haughty ones
should learn their lesson soon, and that the good should live happily.

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Narada -  A holy personage and celestial musician, engaged in aiding pious in times of challenge.
About Narada
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