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Revered, Learned

Vyasa has described Narada as follows in the Adiparva of the Mahabharata: "Narada is a great scholar. He is well versed in Vedanta; he is serene and tender hearted. He is respected by human beings, angels and demons alike. He has a lustrous personality, and is a veritable Brihaspati in
intellectual powers. He has extraordinary proficiency in Samaveda and is an expert musician. He can set at naught any doubts and misgivings. He can always find devices on the spur of the moment for helping people out of difficulties. He can charm people with his pleasant speech. He knows the art of articulating each syllable and is also well versed in semantics. He knows the precise use of each word."

The name of Narada finds mention in the Vedas and Upanishads too. He is an authority in astronomy, music, etc. There is a treatise called "Naradasmriti" He is also the author of a book called " Narada- shiksha" which lays down the principles of grammar and phonetics. The 'Narada- purana' is also attributed to him and he is author of 'Pancharatra'. The best known among his works is 'Narada Bhakti Sutra'. In that work he has presented in eighty - four aphorisms the concept and practice of Bhakti (Devotion). The unique greatness of the Path of Bhakti is lucidly set out in that work. Narada is indeed a pioneer among saints who strove for the welfare of mankind.

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Narada -  A holy personage and celestial musician, engaged in aiding pious in times of challenge.
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