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In the state of Madra there was a king by name Ashwapati. Savitri was the name of his daughter. She grew up to be a woman of great wisdom and beauty.

Once she saw a young man named Satyavan and decided that he alone should be her husband.

On hearing this, Narada said to the king: "0 king, I happen to know that young man. No doubt, Satyavan is as bright as the Sun God, as wise as Brihaspati and as brave as Lord Indra. But he will live only for a year from today. This is the only problem."

Narada's words shocked king Ashwapati. He grew pale and shuddered to think that his prospective son-in-law would live only for one year after the marriage. But Savitri said: "Father, I have accepted Satyavan devoutly and sincerely as my husband. Hence, only he shall be my husband." Narada consoled the king and l said: "0 king, none can change Savitri's decision. There is no more worthies than Satyavan. Hence I feel it is but proper that you 'give your daughter in marriage to him. The Lord is great. Everything will turn out to be favorable."

Later the wedding of Savitri and Satyavan did take place. As predicted by Narada, Satyavan breathed his last after one year. The Lord of Death - Yama himself came to take away his life. But Savitri got back her husband's life by winning Yama's favor with her unswerving virtues. It was owing to
Narada's timely guidance that Savitri was vigilant and cautious and was able to win back her husband's life.

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Narada -  A holy personage and celestial musician, engaged in aiding pious in times of challenge.
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