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Srimati's Choice

Ambarisha led Srimati to the dais of the Swayamwara. Srimati blushingly stood before the rishis with garland in her hand. But she was taken aback when she lifted her head and saw both Narada and Parvata. Her hand trembled. She said: "Father, I can see no rishi here. Instead I find two men, one with the face of a bear and the other with a monkey's face. But in between these two I find a handsome man with an attractive well-dressed in jewel- studded clothes, and he is smiling. He has stretched his right hand as if to beckon me." Both Narada and Parvata were astonished. Narada said: "0 king, is this one of your tricky schemes to deceive us?" Then it struck Srimati that the two angry sages would curse her father if she did not act quickly. So she declared that she would throw the garland in the direction of the sages and that she would marry the one who caught the garland thrown by her. She flung the garland at them. The garland fell on the handsome man sifting between the two sages. All at once Srimati and the handsome man disappeared. That handsome man was none other than Lord Vishnu.

It was then that wisdom dawned on both the sages. They realized that they had been taught a lesson for their conceit. They felt ashamed that they should have thought of marriage. They took an oath that they would remain bachelors for life.

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Narada -  A holy personage and celestial musician, engaged in aiding pious in times of challenge.
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