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In the Mahabharata also, Narada intervenses at many points. Narada knew for certain that the Pandavas were virtuous and Dharmaraja was truthful. For some time he was staying at Indraprastha. It occurred to Narada that the young Dharmaraja needed to be advised in matters relating to ethics and polity. He came to Indraprastha and gave him a discourse. He said, "0 Yudhisthira, you must treat your subjects kindly as did your elders. Do not swerve from the path laid down by them. You should have among your minister men who are righteous, knowledgeable and experienced.
Attened to your household duties in time. Listen to good counsel before taking a decision. Let your army and war machines are kept ever in readiness. Never let the guilty go unpunished. Have compassion for women, children and the aged. Treat your servants with kindness. Wages must
be disbursed to servants and soldiers at the appointed time without fail. Do not spend money extravagantly. Look after the peasants by providing them with adequate facilities like tanks and canals. Let not the rich exploit the poor. Do not entertain sycophants. Do not indulge in pleasures. Only Dharma can preserve Dharma. Protect Dharma at all times."

Narada was by the side of the Pandavas and he entertained the Pandavas during their stay in the forest. He requested Markandeya to narrate for the benefit of Pandavas a number of instructive stories. He consoled Dharmaraja when he was grief-stricken on account of Karna's death. He advised the Pandavas to get moral instructions from Bhishma who was lying on his bed of arrows. He advised the aged king Dhritarashtra to undergo penance when the latter was mourning his son's death, and thus showed him the path of peace.

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Narada -  A holy personage and celestial musician, engaged in aiding pious in times of challenge.
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