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"May You Wander Like A Vagabond"

Narada was travelling around all the three worlds. There is an interesting story about this.

The children of Dakshabrahma were called Haryashwas. One day Dakshabrahma called them to his side and said: "0 my children! Observe penance and you will derive strength and spiritual splendor. Later you must get married and lead a contented life." In response to the command of the father, the children went to the Himalayas and commenced a rigorous penance near theNarayana-saras. Narada happened to go there. "0 sons of
Dakshabrahma, why at all are you observing such a penance? Is married later? There is no joy in married life. You must develop devotion for it
merely to get

Lord. Our aim must be to escape from the sorrows of family life. Must you observe penance only to get trapped in misery? practice renunciation, aspire for deliverance." Saying thus, Narada went away.

The advice of Narada made a tremendous impact on the minds of the children of Daksha. They took an oath not to marry. This news upset Daksha. He called his other children who were named Shabalashwas, and instructed them properly and sent them for penance.

But, sure as ever, Narada came and taught them too the ways of renunciation!

Dakshabrahma's anger knew no bounds. He said to Narada: "0 Narada, it was my heart's desire that my children should marry and lead a happy household life. But you interfered and misled them. Don't you have any other occupation? I am cursing you to remain a vagabond eternally!"

Narada was not upset by the curse. "All the better indeed! I shall spend all my time wandering and preaching the people the best" he determined.

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Narada -  A holy personage and celestial musician, engaged in aiding pious in times of challenge.
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