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Brahmarshi Vishwamitra

Vishwamitra realised his mistake. He understood what T meant according to Vasishta. The I is the ego in man. Unless that ego dies, man can never claim any merit. When Vishwamitra understood this, he was ashamed of his behaviour and felt repentant. He prostrated before Vasishta and pleaded, "Venerable man, I realised my mistake only today. I am a peerless fool. Kindly forgive me."

Vasishta said, "Vishwamitra, you have performed austere tapas. What is the aim of tapas? It is not fame. It is not to gain power to perform miracles. Then I and 'mine' should die; we must burn the vain feelings of selfishnes and arrogance. Then the mind become clear. God dwells in a clear conscience. Faith grows in that condition of the heart. You will then see God everywhere. If the mind is not clean and pure, all our prayers and tapas are in vain." Vishwamitra said with humility, "You are my preceptor. Forgive me and bless me." Vasishta blessed, "Be it so. Let your effort be successful" and wished him well. Vishwamitra prostrated before Vasishta and left the hermitage.

A great change was noticed inVishwamitra. He had got rid of his hatred of Vasishta. Competition and arrogance had went off. He went to the banks of river Kaushiki and engaged himself in austere tapas again. Many hurdles were placed in h * is path. But Vishwamitra did not yield. He gave up eating food and observed fasting very rigidly. At the end of his fasting days, he cooked his food to break his fast. He was about to take food. At that moment Devendra came in the form of an old man and said that he was hungry. Vishwamitra did not hesitate for a moment. He served his food to the old man. Without eating anything he sat for tapas again. Brahma was pleased with him. He came with other angles and said, "Vishwamitra, you are a Brahmarshi. There is no doubt about it." Vishwamitra's wish was fulfilled. He saluted Brahma and Vasishta. From that day Vishwamitra and Vasishta became great friends. There was no trace of. the past bitterness between them. The credit for converting the arrogant king Vishwamitra into a Brahmarshi by effecting a great change in his life goes to Vasishta.

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