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If We Do Not Conquer '1', The Ego...

Vasishta was becoming more and more famous as the merit earned by his tapas increased. Everywhere people talked about his greatness. Vishwamitra again started practising tapas to become the equal of Vasishta. He was determined to be recognized as such. There were many obstacles in his way, But he continued his tapas for a long time and he come across all the difficulties through his brane and firm mind. Brahma appeared before him and said, "Vishwamitra, ask what you want." Vishwamitra replied, "Brahmadeva, I must become Brahamarshi. Vasishta must acknowledge that I am a Brahmarshi. I must get as much power as Vasishta because of the power that goes with that position as Brahmarshi." Brahma thought, 'There is still the spirit of competition in Vishwamitra. There is the ego in him still' and said –

"Vishwamitra, you are a great Rishi. But you have not yet reached the stage of Vasishta and earned such merit. He will not accept you as a Brahmarshi" and disappeared.

Vishwamitra was greatly annoyed. He said to himself, I have practised tapas most rigorously all these years. I gave up my kingship and came to forest for this purpose. Even then I have not earned enough merit to become Brahmarshi. Why is it that Vasishta cannot accept me as a Brahmarshi? I shall ask him myself." At the end of this reflection he decided to see Vasishta and came to his hermitage.

It was night. The residents of the hermitage were all asleep except Vasishta and Arundhati. Arundhati addressed Vasishta and pleaded, "My Lord, Vishwamitra has been practising most rigorous tapas for many year now. Brahma has appeared before him. It is Vishwamitra's desire to be recognised as a Brahmarshi. The only hurdle is that you will not accept him as a Brahmarshi. Why don't you yield and accept him as a Brahmarshi?" Vasishta said, "Arundhati, you do not understand. It is not easy to become a Brahmarshi. What is the good of Vishwamitra's austere tapas? I must die and then alone he can become a Brahmarshi. If  does not disappear, he cannot become a Brahmarshi. "Vishwamitra overheard the conversation. He was angry because he thought that Vasishta was adamant and opposed his becoming a Brahmarshi. He misunder- stood T and thought he could not become a Brahmarshi as long as Vasishta was alive. He said to himself, "Let me finish off Vasishta now itself" and entered the hut in a state of anger. Arundhati was frightened. Vasishta was clam and said, "Look Arundhati, How arrogant Vishwamitra is! What is the good of his tapas? He lacks the virtue of peace and calmness. If his ‘I’ (This I stands for Aham; ie utterselfishnes) and arragance does dot die, is it possible for him to become a Brahmarshi?"

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