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A Great Soul's Anger Also is For The Good of The World

It was not only Vishwamitra that was tempted to take away Nandini, the divine cow, but others also were tempted. Dyo was a Vasu, an angel Vasu number eight. Dye’s wife saw Nandini and was tempted to take I because it was so beautiful. It was well built and had good-looking horns and a long tail which ended with a tuft of hair resembling a bunch of flowers. I had well-filled udders. Dyo's wife desired to have it. Though Dyo knew that was wrong to steal Vasishta's divine. Cow which supplied the requirements of Vasishta's sacrifices, he stole the cow because of his wife's cupidity. Vasishta came to know that Nandini had hot returned to the Ashram though it was late in the evening. He went in search of the cow. He could not find it anywhere. Then he used his divine vision and came to know that a Vasu had stolen it. He became very angry and called out, "You Dyo, did you steal my divine cow? Being an angel, an order higher than man, you should have behaved in a manner exemplary to the world. Is it proper for you to steal like an ordinary man? I shall teach you a good lesson. Be born as a human being in the world of human beings. You were too fond of your wife and you will go without a wife in the lower world." Dyo came to know of this curse. He became frightened and brought back Nandini. He apologised to Vasishta and begged for forgiveness. Vasishta took pity on him and said, Vasu, what is done is done. My word will come to pass. Though you are going to be born as a human being, you will earn fame and name as a good man". Dyo was born in this world as the son of king Shantanu. He was called Bhishma.

Vasishta, out of kindness, taught Bhishma all the Vedas and the art of warfare Bhishma learnt archery from Parashurama. Bhishma combined in him scholarship, heroism and fame. He was an avowed bachelor. His role in Mahabharata was great. Even when he was lying on death- bed he preached the path ofrighteousness to Dharmaraya. He has set down the principles of morality proper to a king, a common man, and righteousness implied in these interesting ancient stories. His teachings are a valuable gift to the world. Thus Vasishta's curse pronounced on Dyo, a Vasu, proved a blessing to the world.

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