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Guest becomes Enemy

Vishwamitra was greatly surprise at what Nandini had performed. He felt greedy and wished to take the cow wit him to his capital. He went to Vasishta and expressed his desire.

Vasishta said, "King, Indra gave this cow to me. I am able to feed thousand of my disciples and guests every day only with the help of this cow gifted to me by Indra. Even the milk, curds and ghee required for sacrifices here and supplied by Nandini only. How can you ask for such a cow?"

Vishwamitra said, "Saint. I shall give in place of your cow one lakh decorated cows which will supply your requirement and you will not feel the absence of Nandini."

Vasishta said, "That is not the point, King. It is not proper to give away a gift made to me by Devas. it will go against the wishes of the Devas." Vishwamitra argued, "it will not violate any ethical norms. I shall supply all the requirements of your Ashram. Give me Nandini." Vasishta argued, "Why should you bear the burden of this expenditure? If you have ample Supply of foodgrains, use them to help your subjects. Give them to the poor. Let them be happy. I do not wish to accept money from a king for the use of our Ashram."

Thus the argument went on between the two. Vasishta would not agree to part with Nandini and Vishwamitra would not accept the refusal. Finally Vishwamitra became very angry. He thought, 'I am a great king. Whatever good things there are in. my kingdom should belong to me. A poor saint like Vasishta is disrespectful by his conduct and then said, "Vasishta, if you do not give Nandini, I will take her by force.

So saying, he got ready to leave.

Vasishta remained peaceful and do not say anything.

Vishwamitra called his soldiers an ordered, "Soldiers, tie up the cow will ropes and bring her along by force. They surrounded the cow. But she dodged them and came running to Vasishta and pleaded, "Great saint, the king's guards are trying to drag me by force. Do you give me up? What wrong did I do?"

Vasishta answered, "Shabala, you have done no wrong. I have not given you up. Vishwamitra is taking you by force and he has the army. Besides, he is my guest. How can I stop him? Then Nandini said to Vasishta, "Give me permission. I shall subdue his army.

Vasishta agreed. Nandini then bellowed once. By the divine power of her voice, lakhs of magical soldiers came into being and faced Vishwamitra's army. There was a great battle and Vishwamitra's army was defeated.

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