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Embodiment of Forgiveness

Vasishta came to know all about this. He became very sad when he heard that Kalmashapada killed Shakti and his other sons. Unable to bear his sorrow, he became very unhappy, went away from his hermitage and wandered about in the forest. During this period he saw a pregnant woman coming towards him. She was Shakti's widow, Adrushyanti. Having lost her husband, she did not know how to protect herself and so she came in search of Vasishta. He was moved to pity when he saw her. He then took courage himself, comforted Adrushyanti and brought her to his hermitage. He looked after her with love and affection. In a few days, she gave birth to a son. Vasishta named him Parashara.

One day Vasishta went to forest to collect twigs for his holy fire. Adrushyanti also went to assist him. When she was tying up the bundle of twigs, a Rakshasa came bellowing loudly.

She became frightened and started running towards Vasishta calling for help. He told daughter-in-law not to be afraid then turning towards the Rakish made a frightening sound. The Rakshasa stood planted to the spot unable to move even a step. He was Kalmashapada.

Vasishta understood everything by a handful of his divine vision. He took holy water from his (Kamandalu) water jug, recited holy verses and sprinkled the holy water on the Rakshasa's head. He was freed from the curse and the nature of a Rakshasa. Kalmashapad fell at the feet of Vasishta and begged "0 great sage, on account of the curse I did what I should not have done. You are kind. Forgive me and save me."

Kalmashapada had wronged Vasishta greatly. He had committed great crime. Vasishta forgave him and advised, "0 king, go back to your city and rule over it as you did in the past.

Do not go against righteousness. Treat preceptors and elders with respect. Do not become vain because of power and wealth, Because of your vanity you were punished in the past." What a great soul was Vasishta!

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