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Nectar of Words for People in Sorrow

Raghu's son was the emperor Aja. Indumati, his wife, was as noble as she was lovely. Aja loved her very greatly. But she died young. Aja was depressed with sorrow. He forgot his duty as king. He sorrowed so much that he wished to die. Here is the advice that Vasishta

gave Aja at that time: "King, do not forget your duty because your wife has departed. It is not proper for you to think of following her. Your may die but you will not get Indumati. Birth and death are unavoidable. Set aside your sorrow and engage yourself in the doing of your duty. Soul leaves the body which sheltered it. Therefore it is not surprising that it leaves behind the relatives. No one can avoid death. Remember your parents. He who faces difficulties is the hero. When the wind blows, plants shake but the mountain does not shake. You should be firm like a mountain."

Vasishta was fond of cows. Once a man called Soudasa asked, "Great saint, which is the most sacred object in this world?" Vasishta said, "I consider  the cow as the most sacred. Is then anything more nourishing than cow milk? Its manure is very important to grow our food-grains. For men like me everything necessary for , the performance of sacrifices comes from the cow. A cow is like the mother. We can live where the cow lives. Let cow live with us always. It is not enough i we worship and honour her. We must look after cows as we look after our mothers."

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