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There is No Greater Virtue Than Patience

Parashara, son of Adrushyanti, grew up in Vasishta's hermitage. Vasishta taught him everything. When he grew up into a man, his mother told him all about his father. Parashara became angry. He had mastered the four Vedas and was a saint like Vasishta. He had earned great power by his tapas like Vasishta. He declared, I shall kill Kalmashapada, who killed my father" and was starting when Vasishta came and advised, "0 child Parashara, be calm. There is no virtue higher than patience. For a person who. Performs tapas, patience is of great value. After all Kalmashapada is the king of this country. he is ruling righteously now.

What is the benefit in killing him? Will your father come back to life? The kingdom will become leaderless. The citizens will be put to a lot of hardship. Taking revenge is not fit for us. Do not use the power gained by hard tapas for a task like this. Your father also did not do the right thing. He could have given the right of way to the king and could have avoided conflict. He made a mountain of a mole-hill. See how bad the consequences were. in his anger he cursed the king and wasted the, power he had gained by his tapas. He became the cause of his own death. Therefore, Parashara, do not wish Kalmashapada ill."

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