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If Non—Violence Does Not Succeed...

Saint Vasishta was not committed to peace to the extent of precluding force even when it was necessary. He believed that it was right to use force and fight against injustice when peaceful methods failed. In Indian tradition there is a prominent place for non-violence. When non-violence fails to prevent unrighteous- ness, we have to use force. Waging war is proper according to the morality of rulers. Sri Krishna also preaches in Bhagavad- geeta that Arjuna should fight and fighting was his duty under the circumstances.

There was an Asura called Vritra. He was the bane of his citizens. He troubled the people of the three worlds. He never listened to anyone's advice and conducted himself in an insolent manner. Unable to tolerate his teasing, every one went to Devendra. for protection. Devendra went to war with Vritrasura. He was master of magic with the help of his magical powers he made Devendra very uneasy and helpless. Devendra was unable to fight against him and ran away from the battle-field. He was so afraid Vritrasura that his mind became befogged with fear. Then Vasishta, recited a powerful imcantation called Rathantara Sama Mantra and cleared Devendra's mind of the fogginess. He encourged him to go and fight against Vritrasura by saying, "Indra, you are brave. You are the Lord of the three worlds. If you sit without doing anything what will be the fate of your citizens, Every one has faith that you will win in the battle. Cowardice does no become you. Go to fight. You will win. With such encouraging words from Vasishta Devendra again got ready to fight against Vritrasura. With Vasishta' blessings he killed Vritrasura in the battle.

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