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Home again from Gurukula

As days passed by Yajnavalkya was more and more engaged in religious vows and fasts. The master observed this. The parents were informed of this. Their wish and expectation were that Yajnavalkya should become a householder to maintain the tradition of the family in all the religious
customs and observances, performing yajnas and yagas and other rituals. He should not renounce the family life and take to ascetic life with his mind fixed on Brahman, the Supreme Reality. They decided to celebrate his marriage with a suitable bride. Sage Uddalaka wanted to keep Yajnavalkya in the gurukula for some more time. But wise and far-sighted as he was, he realized that it was good for Yajnavalkya to leave the gurukula immediately and become a householder.

The day when Yajnavalkya was to leave the ashram came. Sage Uddalaka, his wife and other pupils with great love and good wishes bade farewell to Yajnavalkya. The acharya advised him affectionately, "Speak only the truth. Lead a righteous life. May the mother be treated as God. May the father be treated as God. May the teacher be treated as God. May the guest be treated as God. Whatever good qualities are found in us, may they be developed and not others."

These words continued to ring in the mind of Yajnavalkya for a long time.

Yajnavalkya agreed to marry, not because he liked to lead a life of mundane interests such as wife, children and property. In his view marriage is a spiritual process which- helps the fulfillment of an ideal and the attainment of everlasting happiness. He had already been blessed with the vision of Goddess Gayatri, the mother of the Vedas. And now he was to have the vision of Aditya Narayana. He had resolved to undertake shortly the vow of Aditya Narayana.

Sage Kadira was a close and intimate friend of Brahmaratha and his family. He had a daughter by name Katyayani. All the elders came to the conclusion that she would be a suitable bride to Yajnavalkya. Katyayani was only a ten year old girl then.

Maharshi Vaishampayana too along with his wife attended the wedding of Yajnavalkya and Katyayani. The newly wedded couple made obeisance to
them and sought their blessings. They had completely forgotten their anger. They gladly blessed the couple saying, "May you have all the best in life. May you be protected always by the grace of all gods and goddesses."

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