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At The Gurukula

Yajnavalkya was mentally sharp and learnt the lessons rapidly. He won the love and admiration of everybody in the Ashram, within a few days. He became the favorite of the Acharya at the Gurukula. He was extraordinarily well versed in the study of Yajurveda. He was engaged in Vedic studies, and was also observing strict celibacy. So his body and mind had acquired a unique divine radiance. Radiant as he was, the boy gained an added lustre like purified gold.

Once Vaishampayana, the guru, fell seriously ill. Charaka, Adhwarya and other pupils decided to observe a vow in order to cure their guru of his illness. Yajnavalkya came to know of this. He went and stood before his guru. He said, "Revered Sir, what is the use of this simple vow? I think, a more rigorous vow than this is necessary to cure you of this illness. If you would kindly permit, I shall do it and bring relief to you."

These words of Yajnavalkya displeased the master. He said curtly: "Charaka and Adhwarya are my senior pupils. I wish you had not spoken disparagingly of the vow they want to undertake. There is no need of your vow to cure my illness.'Yajna\/alkya did not argue. He left the place to attend to his business.

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Yajnavalkya - A brahmarshi, who produced 'Shukla Yajurveda'.
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