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Maitreyi's Request Fulfilled

For quite a long time Maitreyi had cherished a desire in her heart to live with Yajnavalkya as his disciple and a spiritual companion to do sadhana and realize Brahman. But she knew that if she were to live in companionship with maharshi, people might talk scandalizing them. She really did not want to marry. She was not after the pleasures of having children, property or money. Yajnavalkya was already married. That he would not take another wife was also known to her.

She arrived at a decision after a good deal of thinking. She went straight to Katyayani Devi.

"Dear sister, I have a problem which can be solved only by you," she said.

"What is it Maitreyi, please tell me."

Maitreyi told Katyayani about her wish to live with Yajnavalkya as his companion to get his help in her intellectual and spiritual pursuits.

"I shall be your younger sister and stay in your home observing celibacy. Please do favor me by your consent."

Katyayani gladly gave her consent. Then Maitreyi met Yaj'navalkya, expressed her desire and requested him to take her. He only said, "Katyayani's decision alone is final." Just at that time Katyayani walked in. She looked at the face of Maitreyi with a smile of consent, which answered the question of Yajnavalkya. "0, my dear, dear sister! You are indeed a goddess," exclaimed Maitreyi doing obeisance to her. Katyayani and maitreyi together bowed down to the feet of Maharshi Yajnavalkya and expressed their reverence by addressing him 'Bhagavan'. Maitreyi became his spiritual companion.

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Yajnavalkya - A brahmarshi, who produced 'Shukla Yajurveda'.
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