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Aditya's Grace, the Great Gift

Days passed by one after another. Yajnavalkya progressed steadily stage by stage on the path of his penance. As he sat in meditation unique effulgence would
surround him.

One morning as usual Yajnavalkya was absorbed in meditation and in japa of Surya-mantra. He experienced a greater ecstasy than ever in his meditation. Radiance emanated from his body and filled the whole cottage. He saw an unusual mass of bright light coming from the Sun and flowing towards him. There was that divine effulgence flooding over all both inside and outside. He continued his meditation. A great mass of powerfully resplendent light burst forth from the Sun and came towards him. Yajnavalkya opened his eyes. That mass of dazzling brightness took the form of a horse of the most attractive red color. That horse came neighing and stood before Yajnavalkya. Over whelmed with joy, Yajnavalkya did not know what to say. He only repeated the mantra of Suryadeva. The divine horse said, "Yajnavalkya, I am pleased with your penance. Tell me what you want."

Yajnavalkya realized that the divine horse standing before him was no other than Sun god himself. He offered his salutations and prayed, "Please grant me such knowledge of Yajurveda as known to none so far." Then that divine horse vanished into the mass of bright light. In a winking time there appeared Sun god whom Yajnavalkya could see in human form with the full splendor of his bright radiance wearing a crown and other ornaments of divinity. Yajnavalkya again madeobeisance to him repeating the Aditya-mantra. Then Suryadeva said,. "Yajnavalkya, your body has not yet got the purity and strength enough to receive from me and Comprehend Vedic knowledge. Therefore first I shall make the goddess Saraswati enter your body in the form of energy. Open your mouth." Thus Saraswati entered the body and mind of Yajnavalkya as energy through his mouth.Consequently a great heat was produced in his entire body. Even as he was suffering from this extreme heat Suryadeva said comfortingly, "Bear this suffering for a short while. Your body and mind thereby will get purified. Then you will have sufficient stamina to grasp and retain Vedic knowledge. In a few minutes Yajnavalkya's physical suffering subsided. A strange joy ran through his body. The Sun god blessed him and again merged into the mass of light.

Yajnavalkya stood gazing at that light. Veda Mantras (Incantations) shining attractively in that mass of light were visible to him. He closed his eyes and saw them shining in the same way in the innermost center of his heart. There was a flood of light everywhere! In the midst of that light here and there was the glow of those fine Mantras. Alongside was heard the soft and sweet, blissful and divine sound of those Mantras coupled with Omkara! This mystical experience of bliss filled and overflowed the body, mind and soul, nay the entire being of Yajnavalkya. After this the vision changed. Again the same luminous horse of red hue stood neighing in front of Yajnavalkya. As it neighed a divine radiance was emanating from its mouth! In that radiance the Mantras appeared in shimmering letters for a moment and merged into that mass of light. Even as Yajnavalkya stood looking intently at that divine horse, in no time it got merged in that mass of light.

This magnificent vision enabled Yajnavalkya to attain the fulfillment of his vow. He became a Seer blessed with the vision of Mantras, a maharshi and also brahmarshi possessing divine knowledge.

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