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Education Continued

Yajnavalkya came home. He told his parents in detail about the incident at the gurukula. They became worried.

Yajnavalkya had been administered Gayatri mantra at the time of wearing the sacred thread. He had been repeating it every day with faith. He had firmly believed that if he sought refuge in Mother Gayatri, the originator of all the Vedas, the path would be clear to him to take the next step. In accordance with that faith, he began to spend most of the time during day chanting the Gayatri mantra.

His parents began to worry and think about the future plans of their son's education. At last they sent their son to the ashram of Bashkala, the disciple of sage Paila, to join there as a student. Yajnavalkya learnt Rigveda from his master there. Then he learnt Samaveda at the feet of Acharya Hiranyanabha in the kingdom of Kosala. He learnt Atharvaveda from Acharya Aruni. After this he went to the ashram of sage Uddalaka to learn and get trained in the performance of various religious
rites and rituals.

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Yajnavalkya - A brahmarshi, who produced 'Shukla Yajurveda'.
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