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Holy Water to Cure King's Disease

There was a city called Vardhamanapura near Vaishampayana's ashram. Supriya was its ruler. Vaishampayana was the king's master as well as royal preceptor.
Once the king fell seriously ill owing to his immoral life. Several physicians tried various treatments but to no avail. At last the king approached Vaishampayana for
help to get rid of his disease. The master began to perform a homa, offering special prayer and worship at the ashram as prescribed in the scriptures. Every day after these rituals Tirtha (holy water) was sent to the king. Thus a few days passed. There was some improvement in the condition of the king. Yet the king did not seem to have faith in the efficacy of Tirtha sent by the Guru. So he was taking it half-heartedly.

One day it was Yajnavalkya's turn to go to the palace. He went to the palace and very eagerly and earnestly walked up to the king to give him Tirtha and Prasada. But then the king treated him with indifference. He showed no enthusiasm to take them. Yajnavalkya felt offended. "0 King," said he, "if you have no faith in these holy things, why should we come all the way from our ashram to give them to you every day?"

"If you think that the tirtha and prasada have such potency, you may show it," said the king arrogantly. Yajnavalkya, without saying a word, chanted immediately a mantra and sprinkled the holy water on a nearby wooden pole.

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