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'Leave the Ashram at Once’

Vaishampayana called forth Yajnavalkya, "Your behavior might have annoyed the king. You are likely to be punished too. Go again to the palace and give tirtha and
prasada to the king. You may be pardoned and I will also be happy."

But this advice was not acceptable to Yajnavalkya. "I am not prepared to go and give tirtha and prasada to the king who has such disregard towards sages," he
decisively. In addition to this, he also said, "I feel it is not good for anybody to cure the king who is wicked and immoral."

Hearing these words, the master became angry. His anger grew to an enormous degree as he went on thinking about this impertinence, because his own nephew and more than that his favorite pupil had insulted him by disobeying his- orders. His voice became hoarse. "So you mean to go against my word! By refusing to obey me you have insulted me. You are no longer fit to be my pupil. Go away from here this moment. But mark this, before leaving the ashram you should give back all the Vedic
knowledge I have imparted to you so far," ordered the master harshly.

Instantly Yajnavalkya vomited all the mantras of Yajurveda he had learnt from the master. As a result of this, he lost the radiance of his body.

Yajnavalkya bowed to his master and left the gurukula with a mind heavy with worries about his future course of action. "Truly I have not done anything wrong. All right, it is all for the good," said he to himself as his conscience was clear and the lamp of hope continued to shine brightly.

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Yajnavalkya - A brahmarshi, who produced 'Shukla Yajurveda'.
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