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From Home to Gurukula

Yajnavalkya grew up. He was taught the alphabets. Mother Sunanda Devi used to tell the boy many moral stories. Now and then she would give him bits of good advice. The little boy used to watch with devotion the rituals such as Homa performed by his father while worshipping the god of fire. He also would offer with devotion his salutations to yajneshwara like his parents. Sometimes he would ask his mother, "Amma, I wish to see the gods. Is it possible for me to see them?" The mother would say hugging him affectionately to her bosom, "Yajnavalkya, dear, perhaps anything is possible for you. May it be so. I wish that and bless you." Sometimes the boy would put many questions to his father also enquiring about Homa and the gods. The parents were happy about the child's development. The boy was initiated into brahminhood at
the appropriate age. Yajnavalkya received the great Gayatri Mantra from his father. He was to be sent to a Gurukula for further education.

Maharshi Vaishampayana was the disciple of the great sage, Bhagavan Vedavyasa. He was a renowned Vedic scholar and an authority on Yajurveda. He was Yajnavalkya's maternal uncle also. The uncle and the nephew were very fond and proud of each other. Yajnavalkya was sent to the Gurukula run by this uncle for his

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Yajnavalkya - A brahmarshi, who produced 'Shukla Yajurveda'.
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