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The Greatness of his Life, The Light of his Message

Yajnavalkya became a great man of divine glory by giving Shukla Yajurveda to the world. Since it was the treasure of knowledge obtained during daylight from God, it was called Shukla Yajurveda. Since the Sun god appeared in the form of a horse and granted this Vedic knowledge, it is also called Yajasaneya Samhita (the sacred collection of divine wisdom coming from the God in Horse form).

We see in the life of Yajnavalkya outstanding qualities like truthfulness, self-confidence, venturing and enterprising spirit, and the power of penance and its fruits. His life is a glowing illustration of the great height to which an individual can rise by dint of devotion to God and self-effort, and how by such an elevation great things can be achieved. We are not made of just flesh and blood and bones. We are the immortal soul. If it is revealed by proper efforts, our life becomes pleasant, holy and good. The life of Yajnavalkya illustrates this.

The entire world is pervaded by God. Having been born in this world, we must do all that we do with a sense of dedication to God. That is sacrifice. We should like to live in this world for hundred years doing our duties in this spirit. This divine message of the Vedas has been conveyed by Yajnavalkya through his Ishavasya, Upanishat.

Maharshi Yajnavalkya spread the light of the Vedas in the world for human welfare, as a seer and as a glorious man of great stature. He is really a holy man worthy of being remembered first in the morning.

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Yajnavalkya - A brahmarshi, who produced 'Shukla Yajurveda'.
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