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The Lord of Wisdom. The son of Ishwara and Parvati, Ganesha saved the gods when they were in trouble and helpless, by killing Talasura and outwitting Ravana. He is also worshipped as the God who grants success.

Author - Sri Ravi


Maharshi Narada has praised Ganesha as follows:

Vidyarthee labhate vidyam Dhanarthee labhate dhanam Putrarthee labhate putram
Moksharthee labhate gatim

'A student acquires education, a man who desires money gains wealth, one who seeks a son gets a son and the aspires of salvation reaches his goal.'

There are several verses on Ganesha, which are well known. One of them is:

Vakratunda Mahakaya


Nirvighnam kuru me deva

Sarva-karyeshu sarvada

'Oh, the curved-faced, gigantic Lord Ganesha, you are like a million suns in brilliance; always kindly free us from hurdles in all our endeavors.'

It is the custom to chant such hymns with devotion, and bow down to Lord Ganesha
before starting any important work.

Ganesha is the deity of suspiciousness. He is adorable not only to man but also to the gods. The word 'Ganesha' means the Lord of Ganas (the army of the gods), the leader of the army of Shiva. That is why he is also called Ganapati and Gananayaka.

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Ganesha - The Lord of Wisdom, son of Ishwara and Parvati
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