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Parvati's Beloved Son

Kailasa is the abode of Lord Ishwara. Parvati is Ishwara's wife. Ishwara had thousands of servants like Nandi and Bhringi.

One day Parvati went to bathe, as usual, Nandi kept watch at the door. Parvati said to Nandi, "Don't let any one enter" and went in.

After a while Ishwara arrived. Nandi told, him that Parvati was bathing. Ishwara turned a deaf ear to him and entered. Parvati was displeased at the sudden entry of her husband.

Next day it was time for Parvati to go to bathe. Then she made the figure of a boy with the dirt of her body and gave him life. It was this boy who later became Ganesha and Gajamukha.

The boy Ganesha wa's very handsome. He was equally strong. He bowed to his mother in reverence and devotion and said, "Mother, what shall I do?"

Ganesha was more radiant than the sun and the moon. Parvati was overjoyed at the sight of the lad. She embraced him, caressed his head tenderly and kissed him with affection. Then she gave him a thick stick and said, "Look, my child, I am now going for a bath. Don't allow anybody inside without my permission."

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