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The Elephant's Head

Parvati was full of grief when she heard the news of the death of her beloved son. Her
anger rose as she remembered how all the gods had together attacked her son, fighting all alone. Immediately, using her divine power she created thousands of goddesses like Lambasheersha, Kubjaka, Khanja and Karali. She ordered them to go and destroy all those gods who were enemies of her son.

Obeying their mistress, the goddesses attacked the gods with dreadful weapons in their hands. They chopped off the heads of all they met. Some were butchered. The assembly of the gods trembled at the menace of these powerful deities.

Then, the great sage Narada and gods like Brahma, Vishnu and Indra came to Parvati
and saluted her with devotion. They prayed to her saying, "Mother Parvati, we beg of
you, calm down. First withdraw your deities. Save the gods who are being destroyed."

Parvati replied, "I have lost my darling son. If he is brought back to life I will withdraw
the deities."

Now Narada, Brahma and others went to Ishwara. They calmed his anger and pacified him. They prayed to him saying, "Please revive Gowriputra. Otherwise this menace will not end. Heaven cannot survive." Then Ishwara grew calm. He called some gods and said,"Go,find some one laying down with his head towards the north. Cut off the head and bring it here." Immediately the gods went and brought the head of an elephant,which was lying, with its head towards the north, Ishwara joined the elephant's head to the trunk of Ganesha and gave him life.

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