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"Ganesha Can Subdue Him"

One day Devendra, who could no longer bear the torture of Talasura, went to Brahma along with other gods. He explained to him the injustice and wicked deeds of Talasura. He begged Brahma to show a way to destroy Talasura. Brahma said, "Devendra, that wicked asura has grown strong because of my boon. No one can overcome him except an elephant. If you approach Ishwara, he can help you through his son Ganesha. Ganesha can easily subdue that asura as he has the head of an elephant."

Accordingly Devendra went to Kailasa. He explained the havoc caused by Talasura and the suggestion of Brahma.

He prayed, "Lord Parameshwara, please save us from this trouble soon."

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