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The Boon of Brahma

Once Talasura performed strict tapas because he wished to get boons from Brahma. Brahma appreciated his devotion. He appeared before him and said Talasura, I am pleased with your devotion. You can ask whatever you want." Talasura said, "Lord, grant that I may not be any body." Brahma thought for a while and said, "How can I grant such an absolute boon? You have to fear some species of living beings. Remember this and ask for a boon. There are four species - the gods, human beings, animals and birds. Whom would you fear?"

Talasura thought over the question of Brahma. Then he said to him, "Father, my desire is to ruler over gods and men with pride of power. Therefore I should not have fear of death from them. But let me fear the elephant, the strongest of animals." Brahma granted the boon and disappeared.

Talasura was already a wicked fellow. Once he secured the boon from Brahma his arrogance knew no limits. Indra and the gods were in hiding. He began to search for them and to torture those whom he found.

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