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He Needed No Help

Ishwara's anger knew no limits when he heard the boy's words. He decided to ignore the tiny brat and, trying to brush him aside took a step. The angry Ganesha pushed him aside and hit him with his stick.

This was an insult to Ishwara. But soon he checked his anger. He thought that it was
unbecoming of him as the Lord of the Universe to punish a little boy, with his own hands. It would be like breaking a butterfly on a wheel. So, he decided to send his servants to advise the boy and left the place.

Lord Ishwara's servants obeyed his command and came to Ganesha and gave him advice. They extolled the greatness and the power of Ishwara. They advised Ganesha saying, "Beg Lord Ishwara to pardon your misbehavior and seek his grace." But Ganesha would not listen to them.

Now Ishwara's servants lost patience. They were all enrag Ganesha. But would Ganesha be frightened at this? He held his stick firmly and quickly got ready for the battle. In the long-drawn fight, Ganesha won. Ganesha used a Parighayudha (a weapon like a club). Ishwara's servants ran away, afraid of the dreadful blows of Parighayudha.

The news of this defeat reached Ishwara. Already he was in a rage and now his anger knew no limits. But at the same time, the valor of the tiny boy surprised him. He sent all the gods to fight with Ganesha. They were also defeated by the boy hero fighting alone.

At last Ishwara Himself had to appear. He blew off the head of Ganesha using his trident (Thrishula).

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