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Talasura Humbled

The Asuras (demons) used to trouble the gods often. Some of them used to grow strong by obtaining boons from Lord I Vishnu or Lord Ishwara or Lord Brahma after doing severe tapas (intense meditation and prayer). And because of the boons they used to become arrogant. They used to delight in torturing men and 'gods. Talasura was one such wicked asura. One day Ganesha humbled him. Here is the story:

Talasura was the King of Ramanaka. He was very strong but wicked. He was a haughty and obstinate asura. The gods shivered at the very mention of his name.

Talasura had an eye on Devendra, the king of the gods for a long time. His greatest
desire was to defeat Devendra in thebattle and become the Lord of all his wealth and

One day his dream came true.

Indra's assembly was in progress. The hall was filled with melodious music. Lovely
nymphs were dancing. Indra and the other gods had forgotten themselves in the music and the dance. Seizing this oppor- tunity Talasura ordered his demon force to enter heaven, and attacked Indra's palace.

This unexpected attack caused great confusion in the assembly of the gods. They were totally unprepared for war. In the end, Talasura won the battle. The defeated Devendra and the other gods ran away like deer at the sight of the hunters.

After the battle Talasura became the master of all the wealth of the gods. He become Lord of Kalpavriksha (the tree that fulfils all desires), Kamadhenu (the divine cow which can give whatever a man seeks), Airavata (the white elephant of Indra), and such unique treasures.

Devendra lost everything and became miserable. He went into hiding lest Talasura should see him - he was so terrified. He also began to plan how to regain his wealth and kingdom from the wicked asura.

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