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The Contest

There are innumerable legends about Ganesha. There is an interesting story about Ganesha's marriage.

Shanmukha and Ganesha, the sons of Ishwara and Parvati, grew up. The parents were thinking of celebrating the marriage of their sons.

One day they said to sons: "Boys, you should go the world once. We shall celebrate the marriage of who first completes the Do you agree?" The sons agreed.

Shanmukha wanted to win. So at once he started on his vehicle, the peacock, at great speed to win the competition. But the huge-bellied Ganesha found the task quite difficult. But he, too, wished to win. He thought for a moment. An idea struck him. At once he went and had a bath. Then, he went round his parents seven times with the utmost devotion and bowed to them.

Shiva and Parvati were amazed at his behavior. They looked at each other, smiling. Then Shiva called Ganesha and asked, "Ganesha, won't you start on your journey?"

Ganesha was very intelligent. He said, "Father, all the worlds are within you two. The Vedas and the Puranas are the authority for this. By going around both of you I have completed the task of going round the world. Thus, I have defeated Shanmukha."

Ganesha's words were true. Ishwara and Parvati were very happy that he was so shrewd and intelligent. They celebrated Ganesha's marriage with Siddhi and Buddhi, the two beautiful daughters of Vishwabrahma.

It is said in some stories that Ganesha had two sons, Kshema and Labha.

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