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Talasura Learns His Lesson

Ishwara was moved at the plight of Indra and other gods. Immediately he called
Ganesha and said, "Ganesha, go at once to the city of Ramanaka and conquer Talasura, the wicked enemy of the gods."

Ganesha was all-powerful and the enemy of the asuras. So, as his father had
commanded, he rushed to Ramanaka. He destroyed all the wealth of Talasura. He
smashed his huge army. He challenged Talasura and waged a fierce fight with him. The great warrior Talasura also fought with great valor. However, he could do nothing
against Ganesha. In the end, Ganesha lifted him bodily in his trunk and dashed him to the ground. The fierce blow made Uasura unconscious, and he vomited blood. When he regained consciousness he saw the angry Ganesha before him, with the shining Parighayudha in his hand. Talasura looked at him for a moment, his eyes filled with fear. Then he remembered that, according to the boon granted by Brahma, his life could be in danger from an elephant. At once his arrogance and strength melted away like butter melting before fire. He caught hold of the feet of the elephant faced Ganesha and begged him for mercy: "Vighneshwara, please excuse me and spare my life."

Ganapati is as kind as he is strong.

He said to Talasura, "Talas you were proud of your strength Brahma's boon. You troubled all. You drove away Indra from the heaven. Only if you are going to learn lesson will I pardon you and let live."

Talasura replied: "Vinayaka, I have done wrong. I will not trouble the gods. You have
taught me a lesson. The pride that I am the strongest has now vanished. Pardon me."

The kind Ganesha forgave him.

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