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The First Worship

Parvati was very happy to see her son alive once again. Embracing her son she caressed him. She called back the deities she had sent and saved the gods.

Then Parvati narrated to Ishwara and the assembly of the Gods story of Ganesha's 
birth. Ishwara embraced the boy Ganesha with a father's affection and was happy. The gods wished that Ganesha should be the Ganadhyaksha (Chief of Ishwara’s servants); Ishwara agreed blessed Ganesha. He then said: "Darling Ganesha, be the leader of our Ganas

Hereafter. Be the Lord of obstacles. Hence forth let gods and worship you before they worship gods.The person who worships you with devotion will be free trouble. Blessed will be the and men who worship you on the fourth day of the bright fortnight of Bhadrapada month."

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Ganesha - The Lord of Wisdom, son of Ishwara and Parvati
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