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Wife of Rama, prince of Ayodhya. When Rama gave up the throne and set out to the forest to enable his father Dasharatha to redeem a pledge, Sita followed Rama to the forest. Abducted by Ravana, Sita suffered endless misery till Rama at last vanquished Ravana and rescued her. To prove her chastity she did not hesitate to enter fire; and she emerged unhurt, establishing her purity. Sita is to this day looked upon as a paragon of virtue, totally devoted to her husband, and exemplifying womanhood.

Author - 'Bharati' ( Tirumale Rajamma)

Sita Devi

'Rajarshi -a king who lives like a sage: that was how king Janaka of Videha dynasty was renowned. He ruled over the kingdom of Mithila. He looked upon his people with love and affection. He had no children.

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Sitadevi - Wife Of Rama, prince of Ayodhya.
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