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Who is This Sannyasi?

Meanwhile, a 'Sannyasi' (monk) arrived at Rama's hut. He wore saffron robes, had tied his hair into a bun and chanted Vedic hymns.

Sita looked at him and he asked her: "Why are you, such a beautiful damsel staying in this jungle suffering misery?"

Thinking that a respectable sage had come, Sita treated him with reverence and told him about her life-story. She did not comprehend that Ravana 'had come in disguise.

The Sannyasi said: "I am Ravaneshwara. All the three worlds shudder at the mention of my name.

I have never seen a more beautiful woman like you. Come and be my queen and lead a happy life."

Sitadevi, hearing these words, was see thing with anger and said: "You wretched man! I am the wife of lionhearted Rama. If you touch me, you will be touching fire!"

In spite of her entreaties, Ravana would not relent. He carried her to his chariot even as she was denouncing him and praying for her protection.

Jatayu, who was sleeping atop a tree, was awakened by Sita's cries. He immediately jumped forward and attacked Ravana's chariot, killed the driver and damaged it considerably.

Enraged, Ravana lashed at Jatayu and cut off his wings. Sita was saddened to see Jatayu fall to the ground mortally wounded. Carrying Sita, Ravana flew away in the skies towards Lanka.

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