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"Go Away!"

Sita had spent all her days in worshipping Rama in her mind. She had patiently withstood Ravana's insults and threats, the how lings of the demonesses and other humiliations. She waited long for Rama to come, conquer Ravana and free her.

Rama won the battle and Ravana died but happiness eluded Sita.

Vibhishana brought Sita in a palanquin. Armies of Sugriva and Vibhishana stood in attendance. Sitadevi stepped down and going to Rama, exclaimed: "Aryaputra!" She was so overcome with emotion that words failed her.

Rama told Sita: "Good woman, you are now freed. As a matter of my duty I came to rescue you. It is not because of my passion towards you. You have been with the rakshasas for a year. I cannot accept you as my wife as before. You are now free. Go anywhere you like and live."

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