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"Rama, Think Over"

The sages of Dandakaranya received them with regard and affection. They told Rama that evil rakshasas and wild animals had been harassing them and sought his help to relieve them of these troubles and protect them. Rama, by nature, was compassionate; he promised them he would free them from the menace of rakshasas.

Sitadevi was worried. At an appropriate time she told Rama: "Aryaputra, let me submit to you a few of my thoughts. Please do not think I am more learned than you. The sages narrated their problems and you promised them you would annihilate the rakshasas and wild animals. You have now forsaken all the royal paraphernalia and have come to the forest. Now you have to live like an ascetic and should not carry weapons. You have a bow and arrows for self-protection. By your promise to the sages, the rakshasas will become your enemies. I am worded about this. We cannot say what danger might hit us at any time. And also, is it just to kill wild animals and rakshasas who have not harmed us in any way? Hatred without reason may result in danger. Please think it over."

Rama patiently listened to Sita's words and said:

"Devi, listen. We are Kshatriyas by birth and no time is objectionable for us to punish the evil. Can the rakshasas attack innocent sages and devour them? Punishing them and protecting theinnocent is our dharma (sacred duty). Your thoughts deserve consideration. You have thought about this matter seriously. I will go about this very carefully." Sita was relieved at his explanation.

As Rama, Sita and Lakshmana were approaching a spot called Panchavati, they came across a huge banyan tree. Atop it sat a large-sized eagle. They thought it might also be a rakshasas in disguise. But it said: "Raghurama, I am a friend of your father Dasharatha. My name is Jatayu. When you and Lakshmana go out, I will be here with Sita and keep guard. I will try to be of some help to you. "They felt happy that they met a friendly soul in the jungle.

They built a hermitage and lived comfortably for sometime. Close by was the Godavari river. The area was dotted with hills. The jungle trees and plants provided fruits and flowers in abundance. With majestic trees, various plants, chirping birds and attractive animals like the deer, the spot was a feast to the eye.

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