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Ravana's Evil Design

Shurpanakha then went to Lanka and wailed before Ravana. She narrated her humiliation and the defeat of Khara and his army. She also told him about Sita's beauty.

Ravana felt sad; anger welled up in him. Should a sister of such a hero as himself suffer such humiliation? Hearing her description of Sita's beauty, an evil thought entered his mind - that he should abduct Sita!

How to bring it about?

Ravana thought of many ways and finally decided to seek the assistance of Mareecha, who was his relative. Mareecha shivered at the mention of Rama. He explained to Ravana about the fury of Rama's arrows. He advised Ravana: "To abduct Sita is a bad idea. Forget it."

But Ravana was insistent. "If you do not listen to me, your life is finished," he threatened Mareecha, who then realized that any amount of advice to Ravana would be futile.

Ravana's plan was to see that Rama and Lakshmana would be lured away from the hermitage; he could then go there and kidnap Sita. He conceived a plan and Mareecha was asked to execute it.

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