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The Golden Deer

Mareecha assumed the guise of a lovely golden deer and moved about in the presence of Sita. Sighting it, Sita told Rama: "Look at this beautiful deer. If we can catch it, will it not be an ornament to Ayodhya?"

Lakshmana said: "It is not a real deer. It looks artificial. Let us not be fooled by some tricks of the rakshasas."

But Rama wished to fulfil Sita's desire and proceeded to follow the golden deer.

However, Rama could not easily catch the deer. In pursuit, it took him far away from their residence. Finally, tired and angry, Rama struck it with an arrow. As he lay dying, Mareecha cried out: "Ha, Lakshmana! Ha Sita!" was imitating Rama's voice.

Sita was worried at Rama's not returning early when heard this cry. She entreated Lakshmana to go and find out whether Rama was in danger and needed protection.

Lakshmana tried to console her and said: "My brother is the protector of the world. What danger can affect him*? There is no need for anyone to go to his aid. These are all the rakshasas' tricks."

But Sita did not think so. She became angry and denounced Lakshmana thus: "You have come with us with some object of personal benefit. When your elder brother is facing danger you are wasting time here. I do not approve of your designs."

Lakshmana could not tolerate this insinuation. He was worried about the welfare of Sita if he went away leaving her alone. He invoked the gods of the forest, protracted before Sita and reluctantly left the place.

Worried Sita remained alone.

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